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What to Eat After Facial Plastic Surgery

What to Eat After Facial Plastic Surgery

Post-Plastic Surgery Diet 101

Are you thinking of undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure? Plenty of surgeries these days are non-invasive, and has very little recovery period. Thanks to modern techniques and technology, today’s patients can now heal more quickly on any types of facial surgery.

However, a surgery is still a surgery. Patients should give their bodies enough time to recover. Remember, surgeons should do their jobs, but the you, as the patient, should also do their parts. The healing period is quite a long process, and the results depend a lot on their behavior.

How much rest is needed? What types of food should you eat? Below are important tips that can guide you towards a quick healing and recovery time.

Make sure to follow your physician’s advice and instructions carefully.

Experienced and trusted surgeons should give their patients detailed instructions about their recovery time. You should listen and follow them carefully, since these can impact not only the healing period, but also the final outcome.

What if you refuse to follow their instructions? Not following post-surgery instructions can be detrimental to your well-being. It can also limit the surgery’s good aesthetic outcome.

Some of the instructions your surgeons may give you? Get plenty of rest. Sleep long hours. Restrain from strenuous physical activities and exercises. Take medications as directed. Drink lots of water.

What should you avoid? Alcoholic beverages, caffeine and smoking should be avoided before the surgery. It is also important to distance from these things after the procedure, even for a designated time frame.

Be a Proactive Patient

Be a responsible patient and make simple preparations even before surgery. What are the things that can help you recover afterwards? Should you organize them all in advance?

Plan things ahead so you can recover from your surgery properly and conveniently. Make things easier for your body and mind!

1. Prepare a special space as your recovery area.

Prepare a designated space in your house as a “recovery area” There, you can quietly relax and rest during your downtime. Check if you can have access to your own restroom while recovering. Moreover, it would help if all the post-surgery medications will be stored in one container. You can also prepare fresh flowers, relaxing scent and tranquil sounds.

Do everything you can ahead of time in order to achieve a stress-free recovery time.

2. Find a helper who can assist you around.

If possible, find someone who can help you move around, or do things for you. Find someone who can guide you towards proper healing, and assist you throughout the recovery period.

3. Prepare your entire kitchen.

Preparing your kitchen is one of the most crucial things you can do before the surgery. Fill your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with the right food items, so you will be all set after the procedure.

What kinds of food items should you buy? Prepare whole-type food items that you can consume without lengthy preparation. You can also prepare vegetables, fruits, nuts and yogurts. These will help you improve your immune system.

What should you eat after surgery?

Make sure that your post-surgery diet is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats. Maintaining this diet would help expedite your healing and recovery process.

What are those food items that you should avoid? Distance yourself from highly processed foods, sugary treats, drinks and high-fat fried foods. You also need to avoid lots of salt for a smoother and quicker recovery time.

Most importantly, drink lots of water. Eat well, sleep often and hydrate all the time to get the best possible outcome from surgery.

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