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How to Market in Social Media If You Are A Professional Speaker

How to Market in Social Media If You Are A Professional Speaker

Social media is rapidly becoming the number one medium for marketing. With many people using it, we should not underestimate the power of it. But there is a line from a well-known consultant, John Jantsch, that this medium is not a religion. Instead, it’s a tactic and that means you should not overestimate it as well. If you are building a career in professional speaking, here are 10 ways to help you achieve it:

1.Use YouTube to present your speech.

If you want to show your abilities online, the best way to do it is by creating a video. People will likely book you when they see just how electrifying your speeches are. Don’t forget to include the link to your website on your YouTube video.

2.Blog about related niche.

Blogging is a way to maximize your social media network marketing efforts. Let’s say you are a speaker for leadership speeches. It would help if you have a blog where you can give people daily tips regarding leadership. This can bring more leads to the website itself.

3.Promote your expertise through podcasts.

Let people hear your short speeches by creating podcasts. Include them in your feed especially if you have new projects coming. The bonus part is that you can even earn by selling audio programs on your website.

4.Add your links to every platform.

Don’t forget to link all your profiles together. Put all your blog links on your social media pages. This makes it easier for your followers to access your site.

5.Use social bookmarking sites to spread the word.

If you haven’t tried using Digg and Delicious then it could be the perfect time to do so. This will invite more people to your blog or website.

6.Tweet your updates.

Twitter is a great platform for announcing important events. If you have new insights and just simple thoughts related to your niche, Twitter can be the perfect avenue to share them.

7.Expand your network in LinkedIn.

This platform is the best place to go to if you want to connect with the people in your industry. Once you already have the connections, consider building a relationship with these people offline.

8.Be straightforward with your posts.

Even if Twitter has no word count limit,  don’t make your status very long because no one’s going to read novel-like posts anyway. Save those long articles for your blog and keep it short and sweet when posting on social media.

9.Strengthen your presence on one network with the help of the other.

In Twitter, for instance, you could use your account to get more likes on Facebook. You can also do the same with other platforms you have.

10.Practice search engine optimization on your blog.

When your pages are optimized for search engines, your promoting job in social media becomes easier. Learn about the basics of Search Engine Optimization and apply it to rank yourself on Google search results.

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